Jonny S Ltd - Photographer

The Business

Jonny is a fashion and beauty photographer who has been creating iconic and fashion beauty imagery for over a decade. Jonny has worked with many big names such as Sony, Nine West, and L’Oréal. He is known for his distinctive style, art direction and brand knowledge.

How have Ten Forward helped?

Jonny is bursting with great business ideas. We were able to help him structure what could have been a complex business structures into something more simplified and easier for him to manage. We didn’t want him to become overwhelmed with admin taking his focus away from doing what he loves- building his business. The systems we set up for him ensured he wasn’t burdened with unnecessary work. We also helped Jonny to become as tax efficient as possible so that he could get the most out of his hard work.

What have been the benefits?

“It’s been great to have the support of TFF with both my personal and business accounts. I’ve always felt as though the team have given me lots of options which in itself has given me freedom. One thing I was surprised about is how much one on one time the team have given me both on the phone, and in person. I’ve never felt that I’m on the clock when dealing with TFF which is exactly what I needed.  I’ve been able to see my business thrive with their support which I’m very happy about.” - Jonny