Meet The Team

Meet The Team

Nathan Balakrishnan

With over 20 years in the industry Nathan brings a wealth of experience to TFF. He has helped many small businesses to grow, thrive and deal with the obstacles and challenges thrown at them. Driven by new ideas he loves being able to challenge the status quo. In his own words it’s all about “understanding what clients want, adapting to the environment, and helping them achieve their goals."

Amy Balakrishnan
Practice Director

Amy Balakrishnan is our secret weapon and one of the practice Directors. She's a doer and makes things happen. She seems to have an inbuilt instinct for getting to the real crux of what our clients need and helping the team really deliver the personal and quality service we are known for.

The Terminator

Suneesh “The Terminator” Patel – half human half machine. He literally works 24/7 to ensure things are running smoothly and you, the client, get what you need.

Mallika Jolley
virtual Finance Director

Mallika Jolley loves strategy and creativity which is why she is an expert when it comes to virtual Finance Director work. From Financial Controller roles to Project roles in many sectors, she has a wealth of experience working with companies such as ASOS and Brightstar. Her vibrant and colourfulness brings a lot of fun and laughter to the office.

Libby Benvenuto
Manager of Client services

‘Woman in Black’ – as Manager of Client services if Libby doesn’t know, it’s not worth knowing! Libby Benvenuto is the go-to for all members of staff for her knowledge and experience of the company and clients. Having had her approach described as an ‘iron fist in a velvet glove’, Libby’s dedication, attention to detail and work ethic are insurmountable.

Tricia Clarke
HR and office management

Everyone loves Tricia. Tricia Clarke does an admirable job of covering HR and office management, which she loves as it gives her variety. A few of Tricia’s many nicknames, Doll, T, and My little Lovely (that one’s well deserved). Tricia has many years of experience in HR which she puts to good use here at TFF.

Nico Pitsillides

“Doc” or Nico Pitsillides, a new and improved bookkeeper from the future. Sent back in time to fix your company ledgers. Nico is an absolute pro when it comes to reviewing ledgers and ensuring work is done to a high standard. When he’s not socialising, at the gym, or watching and talking about football, Nico is here making our office a happier place to be in.

Ellie Harbon
client management

Ellie Harbon knows Ten Forward Finance inside out. Covering client management, Ellie is the absolute knowledge base. While supporting our clients keeps Ellie busy which she loves, when she’s not at work she attends to her second love, shopping!

Assistant to the Senior Tax Accountant

Bhageshree cheerful and happy Patel. She’s an Assistant to the Senior Tax Accountant who helps our clients with their tax affairs. After the tax year ends she will be the one to hunt you down for your paperwork. You can call her our friendly client reminder.

Natalie Lia
trainee bookkeeper

Currently a trainee bookkeeper Natalie Lia works within Ten Forward’s bookkeeping team enjoying being exposed to different aspects of our clients creative businesses. When she's not bringing laughter to the team, Natalie is absorbing everything accounts related that she can as she studies for her AAT.

Kayla Davies
Trainee Bookkeeper

Kayla Davies, just one of our three Aussies is one of our Trainee Bookkeepers. She loves sun, surf and sand, as you'd expect. Accounts are a close fourth of course! Kayla loves working at Ten Forward Finance because of the great team spirit.

Blandine Delarbre

Blandine Delarbe is the first face you'll probably see when coming to see us. As well as making our visitors feel most welcomed, Blandine makes sure our office runs smoothly and is kept to high standards. If anyone needs a task to be done, Blandine is enthusiastically there at the ready to help.