R&D Tax Credits

R&D tax credits is a Corporation Tax relief that could hugely reduce your company or organisation’s tax bill. It puts billions of pounds into UK businesses and is committed to doing this until 2032, so why not tap into it! Since the R&D tax credit schemes were launched almost 120,000 claims had been made, amounting to more than £11.4 billion in tax relief claimed.

What are R&D tax credits?

R&D tax credits have been designed to encourage innovation, and reduce risk for businesses who are carrying out R & D as part of their overall business activities. Thousands of small, medium and large companies have already benefitted - for the financial year of 2013/14 over 18,000 UK companies have submitted R&D Tax credit claims and received £1.7 billion of tax relief.

  • If you’re an in-profit making business, you could reduce your tax bill by up to 26% of qualifying expenditure
  • If you’re a loss making SME then you could receive a tax refund of up to 33% of qualifying expenditure

Could your business benefit from the scheme?

Many businesses wrongly assume they do not qualify for the scheme. Many are surprised to discover they have undertaken activities that are eligible under the scheme, and have successfully made multiple claims. R & D tax credits are not just for companies with an obvious R&D department or scientific purpose! The activities covered are much broader, and are not dependant on the sector you are operating in. Call us to find out more details.

Working with you to make a successful claim.

At Ten Forward Finance we have successfully claimed thousands of pounds of R&D Tax Credits back for our clients. Talk to our highly experienced and approachable R&D tax experts to find out more information or start the ball rolling. We can rapidly assess whether you are likely to have undertaken activities that quality for relief. You could be surprised to find you are eligible.

What you can expect?

  • Free, no obligation consultation
  • No win, no fee. Payment is on results
  • No up-front costs incurred
  • 100% success rate on ALL claims to date
  • Expert advice from highly qualified and experienced R&R tax specialists
  • Experienced at reviewing and making claims across multiple industry sectors
  • Minimise time you have to invest in process
  • We manage the entire process from start to finish

What next?

Speak to a friendly Ten Forward Finance R&D tax specialist and to see if you could save money. Have a look at our Case Studies to see how others have benefited.